Hi all,

I recently used SSMA to export tables from an Access 2007 database to a test SQL server 2008. This all went through fine and I was able to continue using the database as usual.

The problem occured when I moved the SQL database to a live server and relinked the tables to the new system.

The SSMA linked tables orginally showed up in the linked table manager as "Database=TestDatabase", but relinking them appears to require an ODBC setup which adds a DSN (e.g. DSN=SQLSERVER, Database=TestDatabase). I configured an ODBC driver and tested. The problem is that I can see the data, but now cannot add new records. All the tables have primary keys, so this shouldn't be the issue.

On the original (I backed up before setting the ODBC) it still works fine and I can still add records.

I assume this is a DSN-less issue, but how do I change just the server from what SSMA had configured?

Please be generous with the step by step, as I am self taught.

Any ideas gratefully received!