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    Text field max number as integer in sql query of MS Access

    I have a table, empno as a field with text datatype..

    when i store the data it store like wise

    Actually my customer has more than one site like 7005,7002 etc.,
    so am storing the value 7005/101 where 7005 is site id and 101 is reference number
    if it is for 7002, we are storing 7002/101 like wise
    so now what am doing is


    from the above am getting the the maximum one
    i wrote the query like that
    "select max(eno) from the table "
    it gives 7005/999
    after storing the next record ie) 7005/1000
    am not able to get the maximum, that is 7007/1000 for this query "select max(eno) from the table "
    it fetch onle 7005/999....

    Please also check my post at sqlteam forum

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    select max(Cint(replace(id, '/','') )) from employee worked

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