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    add date based on another date field in a table

    Probably quite a simple one.

    i have a table which has columns MOT, MOT_DUE_DATE.

    also i want is the MOT_DUE_DATE to be automatically set to a year later than the MOT field.

    So question is can i do that from a table or would i have to crete query to do it.

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    In most cases, calculated values should not be stored in the table. You would however store the values that are used for the calculation. If the frequency (1 year) is the same for all records, then you probably do not even need to store that. If the frequency can be different, then I would store it.

    To display the value 1 year after the MOT, then you would just calculate the date whenever you need it in forms, queries and reports.

    I would recommend using the date add function. The following would add 1 year to the value in the MOT field

    dateadd("yyyy",1, MOT)

Please reply to this thread with any new information or opinions.

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