I'm new here, but programmed a lot in access, especially the 2.0 version. I created a distributable shareware then, which I have kept up through all the years and various versions of windows and access, if belatedly. Windows Vista has been crushing me since it came out, and I'm trying to put it to rest. The program itself is currently in Access 2007, which I distribute using the access developer extensions and runtime. All goes well on the install, but the program crashes when I launch it. I don't have the exact message because the runtime traps it and cryptically states "Execution of this application has stopped due to a runtime error. The application can't continue and will be shut down".

The workaround is to get the user to go to c:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office12\msaccess.exe, set the compatibility mode to run at "Windows XP SP2" and the privilege level to "run this program as administrator".

However, I'd like to have this done automatically on install. Since this msaccess.exe is created on the install, I wondered if it was copied from the originating system. So I tried setting those same parameters the msaccess.exe on the system where I build the deployable. But on the target system, those attributes are cleared on the install. There is also an msacesses.exe.manifest file which appears right next to it. This intriguing file has a parameter where I could set the "required level" to administrator. But I don't know what the means exactly, and it doesn't address the compatibility setting. I'd really like to know if anyone has a good answer before I cast some stones in that direction.