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    Keri Guest

    Admin Rights

    I recently took over maintenance on several databases. I am running into a

    problem with trying to modify some of the forms/tables/queries in a database.
    I basically get an error message saying you must have modify design
    permission. Everywhere I look it tells me to logon as the Admin to modify
    rights/permissions. I don't even know how to do that. Can anyone help?

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    S Panja Guest

    RE: Admin Rights

    Please contact your database administrator to assign you the necessary

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    Keri Guest

    RE: Admin Rights

    i don't know who the Database Administrator is, as far as I know it is the
    lady who created these databases and she doesn't work here anymore. Thanks
    for the info, any other ideas?

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    Beatrix Guest

    RE: Admin Rights

    Dear Keri!

    You cannot change admin setup as a user, never, nowhere. This is why it is
    called security.
    The only thing you can do is to call that person and if it is allowed by
    your employer, to urge her to let accessibility to the database which is the
    property of the company.

    I guess this is more a "employment-contract" question.

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    RE: Admin Rights

    I'm currently in a similar situation. Access 97 database that has been setup with usernames and passwords in a system.mdw file. I'm being asked up upgrade the database to a newer version of Access. But no one can recall the Admin password or any user password that would have Admin rights. Is there no way to crack it? There are programs out there that can crack a password for a password protected file, why can't there be something for this too? I can get the System.mdw file opened up to see the list of users, with the encrypted (?) SID and passwords...but this is as far as I can get.

    Any help would be great


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