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    3 questions about forms

    Make that two questions.

    I used to be pretty familiar with Access, but it's been about five years since I've used it and I've forgotten a lot. I'm trying to help my new office make the best use of the program by making a new database. We're using Access2000. Here are my questions and thanks in advance. Help with any of them would be much appreciated!

    1. I have a main client list form (frmAllClientList) and I want to be able to double click on a record and open frmBasicContact, showing only the selected record, not all of them. What should I do for the Double Click event that will allow me to filter for the current record?

    2. I have a data entry form (frmCltDataEntry) that is pulled up by a button on frmAllClientList. How can I make frmAllClientList refresh after frmCltDataEntry is closed? Is it part of the close event for the data entry form, or the active event for the list form? (For that matter, it would be nice to have it refresh when any other form is closed and the main form is shown again.)

    Thanks again, experts. I've looked everywhere to try and figure these out!
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