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    crosstab query criteria

    I have created a crosstab query and wish to be able to limit it so that only one staff member is shown. I dont mind the criteria being [enter staff member] or any other way. But just need to be able to use some kind of criteria to do this as the staff member changes. Any ideas?

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    Unhappy crosstab query (criteria)

    I'm having an issue with the criteria. When I try to insert [Enter Date]
    into one of my field's, it gives me the error (The Microsoft Jet Database engine does not recognize [Enter Date] as a valid field name or expression. When I use a select query, I have no problem.

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    I am experiencing the same issue.....

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    Post your SQL statement and explain what is happening, ie. what results you are getting. What results you were expecting. Provide us with details. Your posting is too vague for an answer.

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