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    Form Combo problems

    I have just joined this forum as I have a problem. I have read many threads in this group but have not been able to work this out. If someone could point me in the right direction I would be greateful.

    I have a form with a Combo box to select a supplier name.
    this is taken from a table list of suppliers.

    i have a Subform on the main form which gives a descripion of goods with a part number. This is from a query that links the supplier table with a suppliers item list. What I want is a combo box for the description to display only items from the supplier on the main form. At the moment it gives a list of all items regardless of supplier. I have managed to link 2 combo boxes on a main form but not with a subform.
    I expect this question is being asked all the time in various ways but I can't seem to get my head round it.
    I hope this makes sence.

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