I have a form in which the staff member is selected. I have columns for time down the left side (which I have used lables) I have 5 more columns for Monday through to Friday. These list the name of the student the staff member works with. I have written the following code into the text boxes

=IIf([DayOfWeek]="Monday" And [Staff]=[StaffDisplay] And [StartTime]<=#9:15:00 a.m.# And [EndTime]>=#9:30:00 a.m.#,[Placements],Null)

My problem is that only one record is displayed so most of the boxes are empty. I actually need it to refer to the next record if the first does not fill the box instead of displaying null immediatly and only use null if the staff member does not have an entry that corresponds at all.

I also have the need to make the boxes combo instead of text so that the right student can be entered without typing, will my code still work if I change it.