Could someone look over my database and see if they can correct an error I made to it.

Basically i have created a clutter database to keep track of hospital equipment that isn't in a place inside of our hospital. I go around on a weekly basis and mark the number of items I find just laying about in the hospital.

So I have created a weekly report and somewhere along the line I screwed up the report of it. For example our main patient bed tower is 16 floors. I screwed something up and instead of listing the equipment on each floor like it did before I messed something up, it now lists all the equipment on the 16 floors on the 16th floor area.

I also need to add a few page breaks because what I thought were page breaks have turned the report usually around 12 -14 pages into a 36 page report that nobody will view.

If you can help I will send what the reports should look like from my old db and I will send my new db so you can take a look at it and try to find my error.

Thanks in Advance.