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    Using Access Instead of Visual Basic

    Hi Guys.

    I'm trying to copy a file in a folder using the Access module rather than VB. My Autoexec marco will run a Function fStart() that has the following code:

    FileCopy "E:\first.txt", "E:\first_bk.txt"

    I do not have any problem if I double click the autoexec macro in access, the system will copy the appropriate file and quit the application. But I need to schedule this program to run at early hour. Whenever I double click the MDB file, the system copy the appropriate file but with popup window with the error message appear:

    Cannot find the file 'E:\db1.mdb' (or one of its components). Make sure the path and filename are
    correct and that all required libraries are available.

    What could be the problem? Thanks.

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    Sounds like the problem is how things are setup in the scheduler. Are you using the Windows scheduler?

    Might be helpful to post a screen shot of what it looks like in the scheduler.

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    instead of a drive letter, try using the unc for the path to db1.mdb so like //file/apps/db1.mdb or whatever E: is.

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