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    Question Access 2003 Form:Combo Box will not accept any entry

    I have been a self-taught developer for the past 3 jobs and 20 years but I don't know anything about code. I am currently using Access 2003 and I am having trouble with a Combo Box on a form.

    I had a combo box (based on a table), storing the choice in a field in the query and underlying table the form is based on. Everything was working fine, until... I was trying to figure out how to get the combo box to fill in multiple fields based on the choice made in the combo box. I was not able to figure that out and went back to the original combo box but now when you make a choice from the drop down list you get an error bell and nothing happens.

    I create forms in design view, not based on any template.

    I have other forms with combo boxes that work.

    I have deleted the combo bax and recreated it, set the table property for the field to text box, compacted and repaired, created a whole new form and compared the properties of the form that works with the properties of the form that does not work all with the same results every time.

    I have tried to find the answer to this almost all day every day at work for the past 8 days.

    If anyone can help me, I would greatly appreciate it.


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    Hi Karen,

    What does the error message say?

    What is the data type for the field in the table (connected to the form)?

    What is the data type of the bound column of the combo box? Are there other columns displayed by the combo box?

    Would it be possible for you to post a sample database (remove sensitive info) with the problem?


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    Question Re; Access 2003 Form:Combo Box will not accept any entry

    no error message, just a bell. When I copied the db to another file and started deleting all the sensitive information, whatever was causing the problem went away.

    Would it help to delete all the relationships and start that part over?

    Now... on the testing db on the employee tracking form when you look at the assignment the client's names are supposed to be in the drop down box but it is blank. Can you help with that issue please?

    I tried to attach a testing file but there was a security error and our system will not allow it.
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    It sounds like the same issue as:
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