Hi all,

I have been handed a new project that required me to update a database... a rather complicated database. I take that back, its not that it is super complicated, I am just a novice user and not a programmer.

The biggest change that I have to make is to create a form with a drop down menu
that has a list of request types, a drop down menu of priority levels.
The priority level drop down menu will have to display a set of 3 priority levels unique to the request type. These priority levels will have a value of "due in # of business days"

For example if
Request type selected: Manual Revision

Priority level:
Critical: 1 business days
Urgent: 3 business days
Standard: 15 business days

Then the priority level drop down menu would populate with three unique values that.
The priority level options would change each time the request type would change.

When the priority level is selected the due date would be calculated based on the current date + 15 working days omitting weekends. The due date would display in a field called “Due Date”

Is this something that is super complicated or is this easy? I am a complete novice and am in dire need of help. If anyone can help me complete this task, please let me know.

Thank you all for your time.