I have a database that in Table form it shows the subdatasheets that make refrence to the main table. It is basically a Menu ordering system. Goes something like this:
MenuByCycle (Contains: Cycle and year), MenuByDay (Contains: Day), MenuByDiet (Contains: TypeOfDiets), FoodItemsByMenu (The actual menu items)
That was my best attempt to normalize the database.
Like I said in the beginning, in Table subdatasheet form I can view the sub tables and add values. I am trying to port this to Forms.
I have made a form that filters (via Recordset) a subform to the FoodItemsByMenu table. I can view the subform (datasheet) by each type of filter, but I want to be able to link the foreign keys from the parent form so that I don't have to enter them repeatedly. The parent form is unbound since it is just to search by cycle, year, day and TypeOfDiet. This information filters the subform so it displays the FoodItemsByMenu table to view and input new records if necesarry.

I tried using the same query as record source for the main form as it really doesn't matter, since it says can't build a link between unbound forms, and didn't work.

Can I try a OpenArgs?