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    Introduction and Questions

    My wife and I are both experienced programmers, with RDBMS experience, but neither of us have used Access. My wife is a stay-at-home mom now, and would like to pursue some freelance consulting, and I would like to be involved as well, to back her up and perhaps make even more money on the side.

    We noticed Access being used in the freelance world. It led to a couple questions:

    * Is there a book a resource to recommend for newbies to access, but experienced in RDBMS? I'd hate to pay for a book that spends a lot of time explaining what a table is, or what a JOIN is, etc... Perhaps there's no avoiding the introductory material like that and we'll just have to skim through those parts of a book (Like Access Inside/Out).

    * Do you agree with our initial assessment that Access is a great skill to leverage in the freelance world? I'm also a fairly advanced Excel user as well, and was hoping to leverage both tools for freelance world.

    Hopefully this isn't too annoying newbie question. My initial search of the forum didn't find a similiar thread.

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    I've contracted in Access, but that was about 11 years ago. It is not so popular due to people wanting more web applications, but still has a huge user base and will do for many years to come. Any MS Office app is popular in the contracting world, even PowerPoint.

    Most books will cover some basic material it seems. The bigger ones won't spend too much time on it though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Microsoft Access Database View Post
    It is not so popular due to people wanting more web applications
    completely agree. There's 2 sides to the world right now - those that are migrating to web-based applications and those that are just learning the meaning of the word "technology". Your money-making opportunities are definitely with the latter market. In Iowa at least, Access is only really used as a front-end user friendly experience for corporate workers, and that's about it. But small businesses are using it heavily because of their growth. That and the fact that Excel is boring. Seriously, I think that IS a factor now. For some reason, people just don't think it looks and feels "professional". And the other reason too, is of course the cost associated with buying anything outside of MS office for your data needs.

    As far as books are concerned, I don't have any "big" books I guess, but if you go to Barnes & Noble, or any other bookstore that's out there in the USA, chances are you won't find much content relating to Access and RDBMS interconnectivity. People that are interested in this type of knowledge are not really being targeted by the majority of people that publish Tutorial-type books, I don't think.

Please reply to this thread with any new information or opinions.

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