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    Combo Box to change primary key #

    I posted this in query section but maybe I'll get something here. I guess it has more to do with forms than queries.

    I have a service ticket program. The ID number for each ticket is the primary key of the main table. When employees fill out a ticket, they can mark the ticket open or closed (with Yes/No.) I have a query that shows all tickets marked as open. I have a command button to bring up the query. I also have a combo box, showing the results of that query.

    So my problem is that I'd like to click on an open ticket from the combo box and have the form jump to that record. I tried this line of code and included is the result of which I get an error code.

    Private Sub List67_MouseDown(Button As Integer, Shift As Integer, X As Single, Y As Single)
    List67.Value = Text69.Value
    End Sub

    Text69 being the ticket ID number generated by access. When I try to do this I get:
    Run-time error '2448'

    You can't assign a value to this object.

    I haven't messed with macros yet, but the more I look into this, I think that it was I have to do.

    But if anyone has any ideas, I would appreciate their time.


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    the most common purpose of the combobox is to move to a record that is selected. When one inserts the combobox into the header section of a form - the wizard will launch to specifically prompt/set up this task. If yours doesn't - then consider just setting up a new combobox and deleting the old.

    your post title is about 'changing key ID #' - - - you don't want to do that, and this would not be at all involved with what you seek to do.

    Hope this helps.

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    I remade the combobox, but I'm not seeing how to jump to the record I've picked from the drop down box?

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