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    limiting number?

    I am an entirely self-taught database creator that has created a few decent databases over the years, but I have a few questions regarding my latest effort for which I could use some help.

    I am creating a database that allows students to register for programs. I have one table with their names, email addresses, and additional fields that contain lookups that list program offerings. I plan to send out an email form to each of the students with those offerings, they each reply and select which programs they like in the fields, and then my outlook brings the data back into my access database. I have that much all set to go.

    Now the trickier part. I need to set a maximum number of registrations for each program option so that the limits are enforced. For example, if a student sends back an email requesting a program that is closed, it bounces back to them to tell them that and they need to choose a different program. How can I do it? There needs to be a way to limit how many can be registered, and also give the students a chance to try again.

    I look forward to any suggestion you fine folks have to offer.



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    hello John,

    generally people do this sort of thing with dcount(), but it doesn't usually need to be integreated with outlook. to be honest, I would doubt that the email manager in 07 is able to do this. you might simply have to do it yourself, or maybe google an ADD-IN??

    if there events connected with that email manager, it would be easier, but other than that I don't know if you can option it any other way.

    first try to google something. I tried a few times for you but came up with nothing.

    what you might consider doing as an alternative, is going with an online application, which you would have MUCH more control over, in terms of user interaction, not to mention that all the tasks would be in a centralized location (eg - no messing with 'program to program' issues). do you know any sever side scripting languages? either that, or possibly try a sharepoint server? I've actually never used one, but it's incredibly popular...

Please reply to this thread with any new information or opinions.

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