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    HELP: Data Collection Box empty


    I am new here and recently started to use access 2007 in college.
    Today I ran in the problem that I created a data collection email and I get replies but they are not processed. In the "Manage Data Collection Reply" box is no email visible. Telling me: There is no data collection email messages in database.
    How can I add the email, since I can't resend it. I have the replies in my outlock, but somehow they need to be processed into access.

    thank belle

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    have you seen this?

    also, are you sure you have been replied to? or that the recipients have mail clients that support html forms? do the replies have data in those fields?

    and are you sure, if there are no messages in the 'manage replies' wizard, that someone didn't respectfully delete them out of the list for you? I would doubt that those deletions would affect their presence in your outlook folder.

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    I am sure that I have replies in my outlock, and they fields are filled. I just cannot see the email in access in the collector box, where I saw them before. I did not delete it either.

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