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    Query prompting for values?? Why?

    I have the following query.

    SELECT [tbl 572 Group Home Analysis].[PT-Patient Group], Sum([tbl 572 Group Home Analysis].[TX-Acq Cost]) AS [Total Acq], Sum([tbl 572 Group Home Analysis].[TX-Price]) AS [Total Price], Count([tbl 572 Group Home Analysis].[TX-Rx Number]) AS [# of RX's], Sum([tbl 572 Group Home Analysis].[$ Margin]) AS [$ Margin], [Total Price]/[# of RX's] AS [Avg $ per RX], [$ Margin]/[# of RX's] AS [Avg Marging per RX]
    FROM [tbl 572 Group Home Analysis]
    GROUP BY [tbl 572 Group Home Analysis].[PT-Patient Group], [Total Price]/[# of RX's], [$ Margin]/[# of RX's];

    When I run the query it prompts me for [Total Price], then for [# of RX's]. If I hit enter past each one it runs and the results are what I want. How do I get it to stop asking me for those values and just run the query?
    The table is created from a Make Table query if that matters.

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    The problem is that the GROUP BY clause is evaluated before the SELECT clause, so the aliased names are unknown at that point. You can either base a second query one that does the initial calcs, or try this in the GROUP BY clause instead of [Total Price]:

    Sum([tbl 572 Group Home Analysis].[TX-Price])
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    That statement gives me a message about not being able to have an aggregate function in the group clause.

    Also, I have a field that contains a customer name that I want to add to that table. Then I want to count the number of customers served but it counts the number of items instead because I am also counting that field (RX Number) Can you help with that as well or would I again need another query first for that calculation? I am afraid that if I build it into the Make Table query that it will not count all of the items. I am starting to understand why so many queries are needed to get to a final answer. Thanks

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