I suspect I'm being very dense. But how could I launch an MS Application from another application and pass some parameters?

For Instance, Lets say I have a legacy system that has some information in it one of which is a social securoty number (using this as an example because its probably a unique key). Now lets say I already have an MS ACCESS Application screem running on my computer and what it does it present the information about a particular person and allow me to change some values. How could I pass the SSN number and get it to refresh the screen using the new SSN?

Now lets say that my legacy application has the ability to Raise Com Events. Could I pass the information through a Com Event? Is there a generic way to have an MS Application be driven through COM?

If neither of these is possible ... does anyone have an idea how I could program a hotkey (such as ALT+F9) to copy the information from the current field on the current screen and pass the information to a field on the MS ACCESS Screen and cause an action in the MS application.

I keep thinking this must be very simple. But my searches have got me no wheere proably because I don't know what key words to search on.

For instance, I'm pretty sure that MS Access must have a Com Interface since it has a .net interface and I think all .nets tend to support the minimum COM stuff. But I can't find a list of what methods are support in MS Access. Enough rambling .. I think you get a sense for what I want to do. So if someone could steer these very dense person in the right direction it would make my day.