I have a subform with continuous records with two combo boxes for each record that work fine when they display all records. When I change the underlying query of each to filter only accounts matching a fund value in a field on the main form the 1st combo box (actNo) does not show anything but the 2nd combo box (actName) does. If I click on the subform and hit F9 I will get the data, or if I use the 2nd combo box which changes the value of the 1st combo box on onChange it will get the data. If I go to Design View and return I get data. But I always get blank data when the form/subform first loads.

If I load the subform by itself I get prompted for the fundNo and then it displays the subform with with the first record actNo combo box having data, the 1st record actName combo box no data, and all the rest of the
records no data in either. At that time I get a prompt for the fund again, and after I enter the fund again it all works fine.

I have tried me.refresh on the onLoad of the subform but that does not work. Any help would be appreciated.