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MS Access - X Y Cordinates of Control Top

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    Windows 10 Access 2016
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    Awesome work. It appears we've solved a couple issues with this long topic and are able to achieve the following:
    1) Provide mouse-over selection of listbox accurately
    2) Get the XY Cords of a given control by calculating the dimensions of the window.

    Thank you for your help with this and all others who contributed.

    I will be adding my "custom control" tutorial to this forum in some time.

    I will close the thread in 24 hours

    Best regards

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    ironfelix717 is offline Advanced Beginner
    Windows 10 Access 2016
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    Oct 2018

    So I am having trouble implementing this into my application....

    Wizhook is being uncooperative. Only returning 0.

    Must I make a reference to Wizhook? Why might it only return 0?


    EDIT: Solved, had another issue that was not related to Wizhook. All is working

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    I don't wish to nitpick but when you say 'we've solved .', I should point out that I used none of your code in my solution.
    In my opinion, this thread, together with the various links and attached files is in itself a tutorial for anyone who wishes to make use of it.

    As already stated I'm in the process of uploading this as a free resource on my website.
    You are of course welcome to use and modify the code for your own personal use though you should acknowledge the source material used.

    I look forward to see how you do use it as its never really been completely clear to me what your purpose is.

    NOTE: if you wish to use the code in a commercial application, you will need to get my permission to do so.
    Colin (Mendip Data Systems), previously known as ridders52 : Website, email
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