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SharePoint Columns incorrect in Access

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    SharePoint Columns incorrect in Access

    Having an issue with a table in Access since adding a new column into linked SharePoint list. Basically, after the column "Name" was added in SharePoint, the linked table in Access seems to have merged two columns together. When I looked at the design, it has changed a column named "Quantity" to "Name1." Is there a way to solve this issue if the columns appear correctly on SharePoint side? Thanks in advance for help.

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    'fraid I don't know the exact answer because I don't use SharePoint, but I can tell you something that might be the cause, and if not, certainly won't hurt to fix. Never use a reserved name for any Access object or variable ("Name" in your example). See
    - "doesn't work" is no help. Post err msgs and where.
    - Use code tags for code/sql. Implement changes in copies of your database.
    So, like, why do you, like, start every sentence with, like, "so"?

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