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Add "X" to a string to make it 8 characters in length

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    Add "X" to a string to make it 8 characters in length

    add "X" to a string to make it 8 characters in length.

    I have a numeric string that can be between 2-8 characters long, this is a numeric string, not an integer or long. If the characters are less than 8, I want to add "X" to the end of it until the len = 8.

    For some reason, I am having a hard time coming up with a clean way of doing this. Is this something I can do just with a format statement?

    I'm an idiot.... I just added "XXXXXXXX" to the string, then do a left 8... that works... God I need more coffee.
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    You want to add the letter "X" - padding on the right?

    That's different. Usually the requirement is to add leading zeros which can be done with Format() function: Format(123, "00000000")
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