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What is the best way to copy (or mirror) large ODBC linked tables into another database?

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    He had to have both PK fields in the foreign table
    Well, that might be the reason that would convince me there's a drawback. Unfortunately, pretty sure when I hummed and hawed about taking my copy of the db manual structure home upon retirement, I think I elected to not do so. Otherwise I'd certainly try to see if that was done everywhere.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bobfmartin View Post
    I currently use make table queries to create copies of 30 ODBC linked (live) tables into another database. I do this weekly so I can create custom access reports from the data in these tables.
    I'm curious as to why you have to make copies (not mirror images) each week to create custom reports? Why can't you use the live data BE - since they are reports.
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