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Getting a count within a date range

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    Getting a count within a date range

    I am very new to building a database, I can do the basic functions. I have created a database for work. Our Associates are required to talk with people (and document the conversation) about safety at least once a week. I then collect the number and report it for the quarter as part of our gain share. In the past I maintained all of this in a spreadsheet, but it has just gotten so big that it has become too time consuming.

    I created the form that lets me put it all into a table, I just need a better way to filter it than what I have been doing. Which is to copy it all out to a spreadsheet then filter it that way. Again it is extremely time consuming to do it that way.

    I have looked in various places and can't find out what I need with my to do with my query to be able to get a count for each Associate within a certain date range. Any help is greatly appreciated!

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    Access (database) is quite different than Excel(spreadsheet). Can you show us your table design? And tell us a little about the data?

    Welcome, and good luck with your project.

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    Here is a screenshot of the table. I have covered the Employee Names for privacy purposes. (I was having an issue with the image not uploading to the post.)

    The Associates are required turn in a number of conversations each quarter. Sometimes they talk with one person, sometimes more than one. The "Number of Contacts" column tells me how many people they talked to. The "Date of Contact" is the day that they wrote down for the conversation. Then I have the "Spoken To" and "Spoke With". We were letting the person that they talked with get credit for the conversation as well, but that is going away this year.

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