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Search for a control in form

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    You're right, it's late, as you discovered. The email is a bit different than your current post, yes?
    Thank god for the editor.

    Hmmm, you don't mind all that flashing when you type? Users better not have epilepsy!
    You know, I would have chosen a different color than that blasted yellow!

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    You guys are amazing. This is awesome.

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    I was just trying to keep it simple so the OP could follow. I maybe would have regrouped/arranged the buttons into logical groupings.

    I did try hex for the color, but the VBA code error-ed. When I changed to a long, it worked.
    Apparently, in a form you must use hex and in VBA you have to use a long integer. Since this seemed a one off, I just used the long in the tag property.
    You win...lets have a cold one.
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    I believe I get your drift. You used long 814609 and I used hex 116E0C from the property sheet. I plugged your number into W10 calculator and converted to text and got C 6E11 (0C6E11). Note that in the property sheet, hex RGB values are reversed! I read about this at the link documented in my code but never actually encountered any evidence of it before now.
    Joining you now. Bottoms up!

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