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Query trying to total up the first date and insert in report

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    Query trying to total up the first date and insert in report

    I have these 3 records and I am trying to understand how to take the first unscheduled date and add records and totals specific to that day.

    WE 12/08 Unscheduled
    WE 12/15 Unscheduled
    WE 12/22 Unscheduled

    I want to take the first Weekending date 12/08 and find all the vendors and carriers units that are coming in that day. I can't seem to narrow it down to just the single date. Any tips would be appreciated.


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    I'm not following the logic/details, but would offer this for consideration.
    Access has a Date/Time datatype and I recommend you use it. It is designed to handle Day, Month, Year and Time units if needed. It will make calculations with intrinsic functions (DateAdd, DateDiff etc) easier to work with.

    Also, it is best to have 1 fact in 1 field in relational tables. I'm not sure what/how your 3 records are "dimmed/defined".

    Seems weekending date is the Saturday of each week.
    We don't know anything about
    vendors and carriers units that are coming in that day.
    More details and clarity will help get more focused responses.
    You may get some insight from this free, generic data model at BarryWilliams' site.

    Select * from Deliveries where Delivery_date ......your criteria go here

    Good luck

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