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    Text search

    I am trying to create a project management system in Access. I need to be able to search the text within 2 fields in order to find records relating to particular topics. I followed this video but got stuck because when I tried to save the Macro it came up with an error and wouldn't save. I'm sure I followed this accurately. Is this video not right for the 2016 version or is there another way I could achieve the same outcome.

    Thanks, Pippa

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    This link by Allen Browne is often referenced in search related posts. It uses vba, not macros.

    If you want advice on the "project management system" generally, please provide more details on your requirement, you and your role in the project/business, and some indication of what you have done so far. The more you provide of context for the readers, the more focused will be the response.
    Good luck.

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