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Filtering for uncontacted records

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    Filtering for uncontacted records

    I have a form with a subform and each have a last updated date field that gets set to Now() when a user makes a change to them. I the have a field that looks at all of the last updated dates and displays the Max of Last Update Date using =DMax("[Last Modified Date]","UnionTables","Account='" & [Account] & "'"). The fields name is MaxOfLast Modified Date.

    I have a button that when clicked I want to return all recrods where the MaxOfLast Modified Date field is null. But I can;t seem to get it to work.

    the onclick looks like this
    Private Sub Command395_Click()Me.Filter = "IsNull([MaxOfLast Modified Date])"
     Me.FilterOn = True
    End Sub
    But when I hit the button it opens a parameter window looking for me to enter in a value into the MaxOfLast Modified Date field.

    How can I get the onclick to recognize the field as empty and just return those records.

    Thanks for the help as always

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    Quote Originally Posted by orange View Post
    Is this the same issue (found in the Similar Threads)?

    yup and also by me. For some reason this fell out of my history......thanks

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