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Creating a dynamic link to a Business Objects report

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    Creating a dynamic link to a Business Objects report

    My organisation's HR system is hosted, and we're not allowed an ODBC connection to the database. Instead, we have a facility for creating Business Objects reports using an admin account.

    My challenge is that I'm creating an Access database that needs to keep abreast of changes to data in the HR system. Is there any way of creating a dynamic link between an Access database and a Business Objects report? (A tolerable workaround might be to import data from Business Objects into a static table in Access on opening the database.)

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    When working with multiple sources I have a practice of working out how to do it manually.

    In this instance can I get the Business Objects report into Excel and then import it into Access...for example.

    Once I get this working and can get the output I am after, then I automate the process.

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