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function to format a name

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    function to format a name

    Hello Chaps!! ( and ladies !!)
    i am creating a data table of my customer names.
    Is there a function which will automatically format the name according to a given set of paramaters?
    for example I would like the table to capture the name entered after removing any punctuation, It must

    capitalize the whole name and remove any double spaces. Futhermore after removing any periods the name
    must have a space between initials--- Etc etc
    all suggestions greatfully recieved
    best regards

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    would like the table to capture the name entered after removing any punctuation
    use the replace function
    It must capitalize the whole name
    use the UCASE function
    remove any double spaces
    use the replace function
    after removing any periods the name must have a space between initials
    use the replace function to replace periods with spaces

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    The first and most important thing, here, is that your customers' names should not be entered into a single Field! The names should be broken up into the components (Last Name, First Name, Middle Initial, Title Suffix) and each entered into their own, separate, Field.

    This would solve most, if not all of your problem, here, and since you're just now creating your Table, shouldn't be a problem.

    If you need to have the entire name displayed, such as John Q. Public, at a later date, in a Report, for instance, you can easily do this by Concatenating the various Fields.

    Linq ;0)>
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