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create query from table

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    create query from table

    Hello people good night!

    I have a question, I have a database but unfortunately I lost the back

    end, I would like to know if it is possible to create the lost tables from a query?

    below the query's SQL code?

    obs: if anyone has any code for me to create I'm grateful.

    SELECT ApontamentoProducao.IdTurno, Produtos.IdProduto, Produtos.ProductName, Productos.AbrevName, Produtos.Arouping, ApontamentoProducao.IdOperacao, Sum (ProducedProducao.QtdProduced) AS QtAcabada
    FROM Products INNER JOIN ApontamentoProducao ON Produtos.IdProduto = ApontamentoProducao.IdProduto
    WHERE (((ApontamentoProducao.Data) Between Forms! RELOPEMAQSELEC! DTINI And Forms! RELOPEMAQSELEC! DTFIM))
    GROUP BY ApontamentoProducao.IdTurno, Produtos.IdProduto, Produtos.ProductName, Products.NameAbrev, Produtos.Aroupamento, ApontamentoProducao.IdOperacao
    HAVING (((Products.ProductName) <> "999") AND ((ProductionProduction.Industry) = "FINISH"));

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    all the query is telling you is the fields that have been used. It does not tell you about the other fields or the field type, indexes etc - and of course what the data was.

    However I cannot see how your query could possibly work - the FROM clause is joining two tables (products and ApontamentoProducao) but with criteria from another one - Produtos, whilst your HAVING clause references another table - ProductionProduction which is not in the FROM clause and you are also summing a field from yet another table ProducedProducao which also isn't in the FROM clause. And just for good measure, fields in your GROUP BY Clause do not match those in the SELECT clause (Products.NameAbrev, Produtos.Aroupamento v Productos.AbrevName, Produtos.Arouping)

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    I understand

Please reply to this thread with any new information or opinions.

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