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Query Criteria from FOrm Text Box Error

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    Query Criteria from FOrm Text Box Error

    I have Query set up - I ran the query to make sure it works

    I used 19 as criteria for RepID (field in query) and it works
    I have a form the returns the RepId in a text field - I used [forms]![FrmRepID]![TxtRepID] as criteria (to reference the textbox - it works

    I went through and did a lot of edits

    It stopped working

    So I erased the criteria - Query works
    Typed in 19 Query works
    Checked the form - TextBox has 19 in it
    used [forms]![FrmRepID]![TxtRepID] & ran the query

    I get MessageBox "Enter Parameter Value Forms_4D0C9D4FF74665AF9348261614D2BB.TxtREPID "
    What am I doing wrong?

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    very odd.
    if your box is named TxtRepID, and is in form FrmRepID, then it will run.
    mine run every day like this.
    this may be corruption.

    did you try compact/repair?
    is the form open (an not in design mode) when you run the query?

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    Box is TxtRepID form is FrmRepID - form is Open
    The form gets the RepID from a query QryRepLoggedIn, the QryRepLoggedIn gets the RepID from a Table where the ID is Primary Key & AutoNumber

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    Agree with ranman, sounds like corruption.

    Delete the form.
    Compact and Repair.
    Close Access.
    Restart Access
    Create the form again.
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    From your description, it does indeed sound like corruption in your form....not your data.
    Whilst it may be necessary to delete and re-create your form as Steve suggested, try the following first to fix any corruption in code.

    First backup then decompile followed by compile (and fix any errors) then compact.
    If you have never decompiled, you can read about it at
    It only takes a few seconds and may save you a lot of work
    Colin (Mendip Data Systems), Website, email
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