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Autorun macro on timed intervals

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    Autorun macro on timed intervals


    I am not by any means an advanced Access-user, but I make some basic queries, tables, macros that me and my co-workers use. I have a database that works like a "monitor" for our system, and every time a macro is ran, it will add a log into a table.
    It would be extremly helpful, if i somehow could make this macro run every 30 minutes as long as the access database is open.

    Is there a way to make this happen? I have tried to google around, and it seems like it would be possible with "visual basic". But i dont understand any of that sadly

    Please help!

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    make a form, add a check box: chkTimer
    in the form property set the TIMERINTERVAL = 0
    the timer runs on ticks (millisecs)
    1 second = 1000 ms
    so 30 min = 1800000

    in chkTimer.afterupdate event , to turn the timer ON

    If chkTimer.Value Then
      Me.TimerInterval = 1800000
      Me.TimerInterval = 0
    End If
    in the form property ON TIMER, (this is what runs when the timer hits its count)
    run your event; either macro or query

    Private Sub Form_Timer()
    docmd.runMacro "mAddRecord"
    End Sub
    be sure the macro turns off warnings or youll get that dang message box
    setwarnings false

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    In the AfterUpdate event property select [Event procedure] then click on the ellipsis (…) to open the VBA editor. Type code in the event.
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    Worked like a charm! Thank you so much!

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