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Macro to requery cascading combo box in subform

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    Unhappy Macro to requery cascading combo box in subform

    I have cascading combo boxes nested within subforms. I've managed to set the row source of the subform combo boxes such that they refer to the parent form combo box, but I am having trouble getting the macro for the requery in the After Update event of the first combo box (on the main form) to work.

    combo box in main form 'frmSite' = cboSite

    combo box in subform 'subfrmLightDate' = cboLightDate

    In the macro builder I select the Requery action and simply type in the Control Name of the subform combo box (cboLightDate), but I get the error "There is no field named 'cboLightDate' in the current record."

    It seems that the macro builder in the main form is not recognizing fields/combo boxes in the subforms. I've attempted to troubleshoot this issue by specifying the subform name as the Control Name in the Requery action. It will recognize the subform name as a usable feature but still will not recognize the 'cboLightDate' feature.

    Any help is greatly appreciated!

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    Have to reference the subform combobox with form/subform prefix.

    Instead of AfterUpdate of the parent combobox, use the GotFocus event of the subform combobox, then the referencing is simplified.
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