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Run Time Error - 3828 - Multivalued Fields

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    Run Time Error - 3828 - Multivalued Fields

    Hello Everyone,
    I am facing a problem when I try to export a query to Excel.

    This is the Export Query:
    Private Sub Export_To_Excel_Click()
    DoCmd.TransferSpreadsheet acExport, acSpreadsheetTypeExcel12Xml, "lstEmployee", "C:\Users\b66sws\Documents\Users\Desktop\TestTOREPORTS.xlsx", True
    End Sub
    This is the error Message:
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	3828.PNG 
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Size:	18.8 KB 
ID:	36064

    This is my query:
    [SELECT Employee_T.UserLogID AS [b66#], Employee_T.EmployeeID, Employee_T.FullName, TaskOrderItems.TaskOderItemStartdate AS [TOI Start Date], TaskOrderItems.TaskOrderItemEndDate AS [TOI End Date], TaskOrderItems.PrimeText AS Prime, TaskOrderItems.SubText AS Sub, TaskOrderItems.TaskOrderText AS TaskOrder, TaskOrderItems.PositionTitleText, TaskOrderItems.ElementText AS Element, TaskOrderItems.Created, TaskOrderItems.IsActive, TaskOrderItems.ContractText
    FROM Employee_T LEFT JOIN TaskOrderItems ON Employee_T.UserLogID = TaskOrderItems.TaskOrderStaffID
    WHERE (((Employee_T.FullName) Is Not Null And (Employee_T.FullName) Like "*" & IIf([forms]![TaskOrder]![txtSearch]<>"",[forms]![taskOrder]![txtSearch],"") & "*") AND ((TaskOrderItems.TaskOrderItemEndDate)>#10/1/2018#) AND ((Employee_T.Deployed)=True))
    ORDER BY Employee_T.FullName, TaskOrderItems.TaskOrderItemEndDate DESC , TaskOrderItems.PrimeText, TaskOrderItems.SubText, TaskOrderItems.PositionTitleText, TaskOrderItems.ElementText, TaskOrderItems.Created DESC;

    Can anyone help me with this.

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    Which is the multi-value field?

    Must first expand the multiple values to separate rows, like:

    SELECT ID, fieldname.Value AS Data FROM tablename;
    To provide db: copy, remove confidential data, run compact & repair, zip w/Windows Compression. Attachment Manager is below Advanced editor window, click Go Advanced below Quick Reply window.

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    not sure what the purpose of this is

    you are saying if it doesn't="" use the value, otherwise use ""

    the value will either ="", or it won't. SO what is the point?

    also this

    (Employee_T.FullName) Is Not Null And (Employee_T.FullName) Like "*" &.....
    FullName cannot be null and equal something at the same time. As above, either it's null or its not, there's no might be

    I'm pointing these out because they may be creating the situation for your error

    if it is a multivalue field, I'm betting it is TaskOrderItems.TaskOrderStaffID

    and in respect of the error message - just to check - both these tables are in the same database?

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