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Automatic Task Assignment & Email Alert to Respective User

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    Automatic Task Assignment & Email Alert to Respective User

    Dear Team,

    I'm Very New to Access but trying to develop a Data Entry & Tracking tool to be used in MultiUser Environment.

    Backend will be on Shared Network Drive

    · IDEAof Process Flow - Create ProductID >Automatically Create NPDID > once NPDID is created assign Task of Data entryto each Department Automatic by Email
    · Total10 Department need Data Entry … Assigned Option Group setting on“FrmNPDMainTrial”
    · “FrmNPDMainTrial” is main form for Multi Department Data Entry
    · NeedAssign User Access setting – Has Achieved the requirement by controlling enableproperty of “CmdEditRecord” on each DataEntry Form
    · NeedAudit Trail Report – Achieved this … “Audit Trail Report” currently iscapturing “Network User Name”, however Sign in is through Access Table “Tbuser”data. How can “Network User” can be changed to “Access Table”?
    · FacingProblem in Data Synchronization of 02 Subform of “FrmOSmain” under Option Group “OS” on“FrmNPDMainTrial”. Also need functionality of Insert new ROW for Same“ThirdpartyID” in Subform “ChildTP”, if they have different Client Data &similarly in “ChildAPI”, if have different API Sources. Also how to designREPORT accordingly to Show 1 row only for 01 record of 01 ThirsPartyID but ifNo of Rows increase, Automatically increase ROW nos. in Report.
    · AnyChanges in Data …. Email Alert to all 10 User Department.
    Any Help in Correcting errors & Right Modules suggestion for Professional Performance of Tool is highly appreciable.

    I have also posted same query at UtterAccessforum & link is below

    Thanks & Best Regards
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    Thanks for noting the cross post of the question. That helps a lot.
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