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Email database object & email field

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    Email database object & email field

    I have a table that has my email addresses, and I want to send individual reports to each email address. How do i have the "TO" field populate my email address and seperate each report?

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    a form has a list of persons ID and emails.
    a combo box with a report to send.
    the query of the report looks at the listbox of IDs to pull only that persons data. * from table where [id] = forms!myForm!lstEmails

    a button to scan the listbox, select 1 at a time, email the report.

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    Yes, can use a listbox to select particular addresses. Or open a recordset in VBA and loop through records. Open report filtered to ID in record, send email with report pdf attachment via SendObject to the email address in record, close report, move to next record, repeat.
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