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Error 13 type mismatch after windows and office update

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    Error 13 type mismatch after windows and office update

    Hello access users, did someone of you have similar problem and now the solution fot this case:

    After Windows & Office Update (Windows 7, Office 2016) my tool stopped working properly on some computers.

    It means that VBA macros running correctly only on the computers which was not updated yet.

    Shortly about the project

    there is 2 databes connected between each other, one of this tool was created in order to read custom information from .txt reports and count specific values
    to automatically added recordsets, based on ADO library.

    Everything works good till the moment, when macro need to count summary values for one table.
    It goes like that:

    Dim rsTable1 as New ADODB.Recordset
    Dim rsTable2 as New ADODB.Recordset

    rsTable1.Fields("SumToPay").Value = Round(rsTable2.Fields("Fee").Value +_
    (rsTable1.Fields("Amount1").Value - rsTable2.Fields("Amount2").Value * rsTable2.Fields("Amount2").Value,2)

    After Office Update MS Acces showin well-known error 13 data mismatch. At first I was thinking that there is a trobule with the reports (wrong path dedicated),
    so I repeat the process, but seems that reason must be different.

    What must be done to solve the issue? Is it possible that library is switch off?
    or maybe the math construction need to be write again or there is a on little mistake, that was not a problem for various versions of Office?

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    it may well be an update issue, but at the moment your code does not make sense. You create two recordset objects, but have not assigned a recordset to either of them

    assuming there is missing code which does the assignment you could try referencing them differently

    rsTable1!SumToPay= Round(rsTable2!Fee +_ etc

    type mismatch implies trying to assign text to number or visa versa which is a data issue - perhaps one of the values is null

    with regards libraries - easy enough to check - go to tools>references - is one of them missing?

Please reply to this thread with any new information or opinions.

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