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Access Report query prompts after save?

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    Access Report query prompts after save?

    Hello all,

    My team and I are facing a strange issue that none of us can figure out, and we can't seem to find the answer anywhere. We've tried starting fresh and just about everything we could think of with no luck.

    Basically, we have a Report that has a named Query as a Record Source. When running this query, it works. However, if we open the Report, its VBA code, query, or anything related to it, and then save AT ALL (even just changing a comment or hitting save in general), we can no longer open or run the report because the query asks for two parameters. As stated, this query and report works flawlessly until a save is made. We've tried to compact and repair it, and we tried starting with a fresh file. All I need to do is insert one line of code in the report's VBA class, but we can't make any changes to the report, its VBA, or the query without it asking for the prompt. It works completely fine until a save, even if we change nothing.

    What would cause this? Also, I unfortunately cannot share the query or its code or anything from it due to it being classified information.

    Any help at all would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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    if there is no param in the query,
    then check the report GROUPING/SORTING.
    Sometimes, a missing field is left behind, but the grouping still wants to fill it by asking the user.

    also check if any vb code embedded is doing something.

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    It's probably something in the query sql, but without seeing it not possible to say. Struggle to understand how something like 'SELECT these fields FROM some table' can be classified.

    Best guess, the report relies on a form for its parameters and the form is not open.

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    @ranman: Checked the grouping and sorting, it matches exactly to the other report that works without issue. The only expression it groups by is not the same as the parameter that it asks for in the prompt. Checked all VBA code too, couldn't find anything that would cause this.

    @ajax: I don't think it's the form. Otherwise it would never work. It only breaks after a save, even if nothing is changed. Also, I work at an air force base, so all fields and data are not to be made public. The query itself runs perfectly fine and gives the desired results until a save is applied. That's when it gives the prompt.

    Thank you both for the suggestions.

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    Can understand data being classified but not field names or isolated code. So if we can't analyze your code and/or design, likely you are on your own. Rebuild report from scratch step by step until you encounter the failure. Sometimes weirdness is corruption that can't be fixed.
    To provide db: copy, remove confidential data, run compact & repair, zip w/Windows Compression. Attachment Manager is below Advanced editor window, click Go Advanced below Quick Reply window.

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