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How to export a report into a pdf but have each on a seperate page

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    How to export a report into a pdf but have each on a seperate page

    Good morning,

    I have a report in Access that I would like to export. Both as a pdf and as a word document. However it is 138 pages of reports and I want to know how I can export them into individual pages and not one pdf of 138 pages.

    I know I can create queries for each page then a macro to send them to their destination but I am hoping there is some kind of macro or something I can run that will separate them without having to make all the queries.

    What will separate them is a code. We are a religious organization so I want each parish code to have its own report.

    I am not a macro/VB expert so if you could explain in detail that would be great.


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    Is each page a separate Group, (page 1 = "England",page 2 = "India") ?
    or is it all just random data?

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    You could have a list of Parish codes, and a report.
    Set up a loop the generates a pdf for each Parish

    General outline of process:
    For i = 1 to parishCount
     generate pdf for Parish(i)
    next i

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