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Send keystroke to third party window

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    Send keystroke to third party window

    Hi Experts.

    I'm trying to send a keystroke to a third party window. Sounds simple, yes? Doesn't mean I'm getting it...

    I'm working within a fairly heavily locked down system so I'm limited as to what data I can access and what programs I can use, hence why I'm using VBA and not a stand alone compiler.

    The window in question identifies as "" and it opens whenever a user attempts to send an email (to force users to include a protective marking on every email).

    I effectively need to send either a {space} or an {enter} (yes, I'm thinking sendkeys for simplicity sake) to this window to allow full automation. As it stands, the user is having to click OK on the window with each emailed report.

    The window itself does not have a visible title when it displays.

    I assume it is possible to bring this window to the front by the windows handle and then send the keystroke to it, but I'm a little stumped on how to get there.

    If anyone can assist, it would be greatly appreciated.


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