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"Field cannot be updated" error, but then you can update it

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    "Field cannot be updated" error, but then you can update it

    I have a combo box where the user selects a client from a list. The users like to type in the first letter and then select the client. I made some necessary changes to the underlying query for the combobox row source (whether the client has a balance due and whether the client is active - they need to be able to see all clients but also know their statuses). Since then, when they type in the first letter, an error pop up says "Field cannot be updated", but once you click okay, you can continue typing and it saves as usual. I just need to find a way to get rid of this pop up. It only happens on new records, so I thought about making a dummy record that says "Select client..." but I'd rather know what the actual problem is than just put a quick fix on it. Any thoughts?

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    Any thoughts?
    yes, but none to help you since you have not provided any detail which might explain what is going one. what is the sql to your combo? is the combo bound and if so to what field? what is the recordsource to the form the combo is on? are there any events around the combo? if so what are they and what is the code?

Please reply to this thread with any new information or opinions.

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