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Which front-end gets there first

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    Which front-end gets there first

    Hello everyone!

    I have a front-end/back-end application.

    I want a front-end to compact the back-end each morning.

    Obviously the front end which will do the job must stop other front-ends from proceeding.

    I figure there's some chance of two front-ends trying at exactly the same time.

    So I'm thinking I'll generate a large random number and let the front-end with say the biggest number proceed if there are two or more.

    So my question for very clever mathematicians is: what are the odds of the code below returning the same number from say 10 front-ends please? -

    Public Function sngNumber() As Single
        sngNumber = 2000001 * Rnd + 1000000
    End Function

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    I had to read this several times before (hopefully) understanding it.
    I think you are talking about several users each running their own copy of the FE.
    If so, I suggest you scrap your randomise idea and do it differently.

    Run a scheduled task from the server to compact the BE at a time when nobody is using it e.g. 02:00.

    Or if that's no good for your situation, add a field which stores when the BE was last compacted.
    When the FE is opened, the field value is checked.
    If the date is not the current date, run the compact and reset the date. Otherwise exit that code.

    It is not a good idea to have other users login whilst compacting is being run.
    Colin (Mendip Data Systems), Website, email
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