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Need macro for to replace "00R" to Inserting the numbers 1, 2 ...etc as a normal text

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    Post Need macro for to replace "00R" to Inserting the numbers 1, 2 ...etc as a normal text


    I wanted to change the text "00R" to 001,002,003... etc in the entire document. Also "00R" is styled as "total points".

    So i have to change all "00R" to normal text sequence numbers as mentioned above.

    If any options to ask message box as "enter your star number" and if enter the number as "1" then replace from that entered number.

    Please let me know if not clear. I am just trying to find out using wildcard but not able to found.

    Please let me know if anything not clear.

    Ganesan. G
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    1. what document? an access field? an access report?

    2. once you ask for the start#,(here assume 1)
    it replaces the 1st 00R with 01R
    then 2nd 00R with 02R?

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    Suggest instead of popup input box, have a textbox on form for input of start value. Then on report:

    1. in textbox in DetailSection set ControlSource to =1 and RunningSum to OverAll

    2. in another textbox calculate: =Format([Text1] + Forms!formname!textbox - 1, "000\R")
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