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SQL - What is it telling me?

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    SQL - What is it telling me?


    I am pretty new to access and have come across this query of which I need to explain in plain English what it is it's doing, can anyone help please?

    DateValue("01/" & Mid([Period],6,2) & "/" & Mid([Period],2,4)) AS [Date], [Usage_04].Period

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    does that even work?
    its chopping up the PERIOD field to make: 01/mm/yyyy

    this works too:
    cvDate("01/" & Mid([Period],6,2) & "/" & Mid([Period],2,4)) AS Date

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    That sql phrase is taken out of context, so hard to see how it fits within the entire query.
    However, it is trying to extract and construct a valid date value out of Period and call it [Date].

    Period is probably a string representing a date in a nonstandard format.
    Mid is a function that extracts short strings from within longer strings. (google MID function)

    So [Date] is being calculated as a concatenation of "01/"
    plus the sixth and 7th characters of Period, and a "/"
    plus the 2nd,3rd,4th and 5 characters of period.

    DateValue is a function that tries to make a valid date of the above extracted pieces. (google datevalue function)

    Tip: the output of the calculation is being named Date. Date is a reserved word in Access, meaning Today's Date.
    Your code should not contain Date as a USER data name. Something better would be FirstDate, LastDate, InspectionDate or somesuch.

Please reply to this thread with any new information or opinions.

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