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Favorite resources in learning about database design/access?

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    Favorite resources in learning about database design/access?

    Wasn't sure if I should post this in one of the other forums (forgive me if it doesn't belong) But I was curious to see if you guys had any preferred texts or guides in learning database design/access that you might recommend to me or to others for those who are beginners-intermediates.

    For me personally I just went through a few video series on Youtube/read a few articles on design (normalization and such) and went through Access VBA for dummies, as well as perusing this site of course

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    ACCESS FOR DUMMIES, seems to explain things well.

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    Here is a link to info on Database Planning and Design that I have assembled and recommend to posters.
    It's a bit of mixed bag of formats (videos, articles...) but has proven to be quite worthwhile.

    Good luck.

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    Here is a list I often post in this forum, based on issues that we frequently see posted here. It covers things that are rudimentary design issues that if not learned, can lead to problems down the road.
    Normalization is paramount. Diagramming maybe not so much for some people.

    Normalization Parts I, II, III, IV, and V

    Entity-Relationship Diagramming: Part I, II, III and IV

    How do I Create an Application in Microsoft Access?

    Important for success:
    One source about how to name things -
    What not to use in names -
    About Auto Numbers

    The evils of lookup fields -
    Table and PK design tips -
    About calculated table fields -
    - "doesn't work" is no help. Post err msgs and where.
    - Use code tags for code/sql. Implement changes in copies of your database.
    So, like, why do you, like, start every sentence with, like, "so"?

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    Very cool guys, I've actually seen a few of these while randomly searching for solutions to problems. Well-deserved bookmark.

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    I would also add these sites:
    Autonumbers--What they are NOT and What They Are -

    Microsoft Access Tables: Primary Key Tips and Techniques
    Microsoft Access and SQL Server Database Normalization Tips -
    (Use a Meaningless Field for the Key Field)
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