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Search Filter's

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    Search Filter's

    I have a little problem with my database (I'm new on this Software).
    I created a Table "Inventory" with this fields:
    - Platform
    - Title
    - Edition
    - Barcode
    - Contents
    - Language

    Then, one form "Search" with a Search button that open another form "Results".
    The purpose of the Search form is to find results into the Table and show them into the Form "Results".
    I need that it can find results even if I set just one field (like Title) and even if the field is not exactly the same of the one inside the same in the Table (ex. "ho" or "ou" instead "House").

    The Database works with this:

    Name  ProvaPlat
    Expression = [Forms]![Search]![SelPlat]
    Name  ProvaTitle
    Expression = [Forms]![Search]![SelTitle]
    Name  ProvaEd
    Expression = [Forms]![Search]![SelPlat]
    Name  ProvaPlat
    Expression = [Forms]![Search]![SelEd]
    Name  ProvaBar
    Expression = [Forms]![Search]![SelBar]
    Name  ProvaCont
    Expression = [Forms]![Search]![SelCont]
    Name  ProvaLang
    Expression = [Forms]![Search]![SelLang]
    Form Name  Results
    View  Form
    Filter Name
    Where Condition = ([Platform]=[TempVars]![ProvaPlat]) And ([Title]=[TempVars]![ProvaTitle]) And ([Edition]=[TempVars]![ProvaEdit]) And ([Barcode]=[TempVars]![ProvaBar]) And _
    ([Contents]=[TempVars]![ProvaCont]) And ([Language]=[TempVars]![ProvaLang]) 
    Data Mode Read Only
    Window Mode Normal
    Filter Name Filter 1
    Where Condition = ([Platform] Like "*" & [TempVars]![ProvaPlat] & "*")  
    Control Name
    The problem is that the Where Condition has just 255 digits available.

    I tried to code it with SQL (Access VBA) like this:

    Private Sub Search_Click()
    Dim ProvaPlat As TempVars
    Dim ProvaTitle As TempVars
    Dim ProvaEdit As TempVars
    Dim ProvaBar As TempVars
    Dim ProvaCont As TempVars
    Dim ProvaLang As TempVars
    TempVars!ProvaPlat = Me.Platform.Value
    TempVars!ProvaTitle = Me.Title.Value
    TempVars!ProvaEdit = Me.Edition.Value
    TempVars!ProvaBar = Me.Barcode.Value
    TempVars!ProvaCont = Me.Contents.Value
    TempVars!ProvaLang = Me.Language.Value
    Me.Filter = ("[Platform] Like" & "*" & Me.SelPlat & "*") And ("[Title] Like" & "*" & Me.SelTitle & "*") And ("[Edition] Like" & "*" & Me.SelEd & "*") And ("[Barcode] Like" & "*" & Me.SelBar & "*") And _
    ("[Contents] Like" & "*" & Me.SelCont & "*") And ("[Language] Like" & "*" & Me.SelLang & "*")
    DoCmd.OpenForm "Results", , , "([Platform]=[TempVars]![ProvaPlat]) And ([Title]=[TempVars]![ProvaTitle]) And ([Edition]=[TempVars]![ProvaEdit]) And ([Contents]=[TempVars]![ProvaCont]) And ([Barcode]=[TempVars]![ProvaBar]) And ([Language]=[TempVars]![ProvaLang])"
    The problem, here, is that the Form find the results if you fill all the fields with the exactly same digits inside the item in the Inventory Table.
    I want to fill just one or two field and with a partial text (like, as I said, "ho" instead of "House" in the field "Title").

    There is anyone that can help me?
    Thank you a lot for your time and attention


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    Have a look at the find as you type solution on Allen Browne's website
    He also has a general search form and one that highlights text used in the search

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    I would have a look at the search form from Allen Browne for the best techniques to use for this.
    It builds the search string according to the inputs.

    Searching for partial string like you are will get very very slow with wild cards at the beginning of each search string if you have more than a few records, as the Indexes cannot be used.
    Much better to just have the wildcard at the end of the string.

    Also investigate changing the search text boxes to combo's that only have valid entries to search for. This can dramatically improve performance.
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    Thank you guys, it was very helpful!!

Please reply to this thread with any new information or opinions.

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