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Running VBA code in a form from a macro

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    Angry Running VBA code in a form from a macro

    The title says it all. I've got a form with many VBA codes that do various things. How can I get a macros to run the code? I'm using the run code command but I can get the synthax right. The code is in the form "Daten" and one of the codes is called "Befehl2606_Click". Can anybody help. It's driving me crazy.

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    Try your code in a general Module rather than in a forms module and declare it as Public not Private
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    Only functions can be called from a macro, no subs.
    Also, the function cannot be located in a Class Module.
    If the code you want to run lies in a class module (behind a form), you can create a Function in a code module to call the target code.
    The target code behind the form must be defined as PUBLIC, not PRIVATE.
    See this

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    Yes, thank you. Using a Public Function to call the code in the form works fine.

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